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20 Best Places To Visit India In January

Wants to start your new year with a beautiful vacation? Confused about to choose the best places to visit in January in India

Then you’re in right place. 

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20 Best Places To Visit India In January
Today we going to discuss 20 best places to travel in January 2019. Winter is the time of travel, people are like to travel to the pristine sandy beaches, a vacation on seaside to dense forest & from east to west or north to south to enjoy their winter vacation. So, in this winter you can have a beautiful excursion in any of these best places in India.

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1. Kutch "The White Desert of India"

For all intents and purposes an island that takes after the state of a tortoise, Kutch is a recent August region of India exploring its greatness nature from the past. 

Kutch is likely a standout amongst the most wonderful, yet dreamlike places in India. With the tremendous territories of the white salt desert in the Rann of Kutch territory, this is an amazing knowledge to observe. 
Kutch In January
The place becomes animated amid the winters when the Rann Festival is held amid December-February wherever in which there are tremendous camp settlements with social projects, capacities and experience exercises like tourist ballooning. Kutch is likewise among the biggest area of India with a frightfully low populace thickness. 

Likewise, Kutch lies on the India-Pakistan fringe and you can see parts of Pakistan from Kutch. Kutch is likewise renowned for artworks and weaving works, Flamingo Sanctuary and Wild Ass Sanctuary. If you want a perfect beginning stage to visit the Rann of Kutch then Bhuj is best for that. 

Excellent shorelines of Mandviclose Bhuj are likewise absolutely worth visiting amid your excursion to Kutch. Try not to miss to see the antiquated town of Dholavira.

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2. Jaipur "The Pink City" 

The minute when you step foot in Jaipur, you will be having a craving for everything has come straight out of the pages of some epic novel. 

Magnificent structures, stories of gallant fights, shining blockhouse, and castles, and multi-faced characters – Rajasthan is a standout amongst the brightest and flashiest states in all of India, and its capital Jaipur satisfies indistinguishable notoriety from well. 
Jaipur In January
Jaipur is an energetic union of the old and the new – exceptionally urbanized pockets and shopping territories have calmly jumped up next to glowing fortifications and royal residences. 

Jaipur has for some time been one of the shiniest social gems ever of the Indian subcontinent, and the illustrious hallways of the broadly named 'Pink City' present a plenty of undertakings and exercises that make for an essential occasion involvement.

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3. Khajuraho “The Architectural Masterpiece" 

Khajuraho is known the world over for its dazzling sanctuaries decorated by sexual and arousing carvings. 

A residential area situated in the Bundelkhand district in Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is a magnificent structure of Indian engineering and its way of life back in the early period. 

The design of these Hindu and Jain sanctuaries represent the guiltless type of devotion, the carvings on the dividers show energy in the most sensual yet stylish ways.  
Khajuraho in January
Worked between 950 to 1050 AD the sheer angry nature of these carvings demonstrate an unmistakable mystery with the traditional Indian standards about sensuality, leaving everyone entranced. 

Craftsmanship in this residential area is engrained in the majority of its structures and are an exemplary case of the artfulness of India's social and masterful legacy.

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4. Goa "Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights" 

When you consider Goa, you consider sandy shorelines, stunning gatherings, excellent little towns, scrumptious sustenance, and an enchanted occasion involvement. 

Truly, Goa is legitimately known as the most famous vacationer goal on the West Coast of India, and as a result of its picturesque shorelines as well as on account of its tropical atmosphere and it's rich 

Portuguese legacy, which you can at present discover waiting on in a few sections of the town. Settled in the Konkan Coast Belt, Goa has a coastline extending for over a 100 kilometers and pulls in a large number of guests both from inside and outside the nation throughout the entire year. 
Goa In January
Goa is one such occasion goal which has something to offer to each voyager, paying little mind to the spending plan and travel tastes, which is a motivation behind why Goa is as quite a bit of a family withdraw as it is an extremely prevalent special first-night goal. 

Probably the best shorelines in Goa incorporate Agenda shoreline, Baga Beach and Candolim Beach. Calangute Beach is the busiest shoreline in Goa, while Baga Beach is nearly significantly less swarmed.

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5. Munnar, Kerala

The ideal slope station Munnar - renowned for its tea domains, fascinating rich greenery, and rocky pinnacles, is situated in the Western Ghats, in the province of Kerala. 

This place is very good for business which is filled with the world's biggest tea bequests. Furthermore, Munnar has many secured zones which are home to endemic and exceptionally endanger species like the Nilgiri Thar and the Neelakurinji. 
Munnar In January
One of the greatest tea-ranch zones of South India, Munnar is a standout amongst the loveliest and prominent slope stations of Kerala. 

Arranged on the banks of three streams Madupetti, Nallathanni, and Periavaru, Munnar is additionally honored with characteristic view-focuses separated from the tea-manors. 

Munnar is isolated into Old Munnar, where the traveler data office is, and Munnar, where the transport station and most visitor houses are found. 

The Eravikulam National Park, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and tea ranches are its real attractions.

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6. Jaisalmer "The Golden City" 

Arranged near the Pakistan Border, Jaisalmer is a noteworthy place of interest situated in the north-western territory of Rajasthan in India. It is known as the 'brilliant city' because of its bounteous brilliant hills streaming in the Thar Desert. 

Jaisalmer is decorated with lakes, luxurious Jain sanctuaries, havelis and mansions clad in brilliant yellowish sandstone. Jump on to the camel seat and advance through this desert or camp under the night sky in this brilliant land for a life-changing background. 
Jaisalmer In January
The Jaisalmer Fort remains as a crown on the city and gives an excellent complexity to the scene. It additionally has a lake and numerous wonderful sanctuaries, all made of sandstone. 

The restricted back roads Surrounded by the stronghold are possessed by individual’s habitation there for ages. Jaisalmer is a glorious combination of intriguing Indian desert culture, legacy, and experience.

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7. Bikaner, Rajasthan “The desert town”

The Desert, Bikaner is "social heaven and a voyager's shelter". The city will hypnotize you with the camels walking its lovely sand hills and charm you with its ancient castles and strongholds. 

Properly called as one of the three incredible desert kingdoms of Rajasthan, the astonishing city gloats of old-world appeal, lavish havelis and portrays a satisfying past period of the Rajputs. 
Bikaner In January
Best known as the "camel nation" for rearing some best-known riding camels, Bikaner additionally happens to house one of the main two models of the biplane utilized by the British in World War 1. 

Bikaner with its gloriousness in design, craftsmanship, and culture has sands loaded up with shading, party and social wonders. Sand Dunes and the Desert Safari are among significant attractions. 

Bikaner is additionally popular for facilitating the global Camel celebration which draws visitors from the world over. Different attractions here incorporate encountering rarities, for example, Thandai.

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8. Auli, Uttarakhand“The skiing goal of India" 

Specked with the apple plantations, old oaks, and pine trees there is no shortage of characteristic excellence in Auli. 

Aside from skiing you can likewise go for various treks in the slopes of Garhwal Himalayas and appreciate the enchanting lookout of the snow-hung mountains. 
Auli In January
Auli is a well-known slope resort in the Himalayan range going back to eighth Century AD. 

Auli is a well-known skiing goal in India in view of its sparkling inclines and clean condition. Spotted with apple plantations, oaks, and deodars, Auli is a well-known slope town with various ski resorts arranged in the midst of the Himalayan range. 

It is situated at 2800 meters above from the ocean levels. Auli is home to mountain slopes of Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Kamet. Numerous religious goals are additionally dissipated around Auli. It is trusted that Shankaracharya had favouredAuli with his visit.

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9. Kabini “Home to the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary" 

When a private chasing zone for the British, this well-known natural life goal has a rich variety of widely varied vegetation making it a lovely place of interest. 

Extraordinary compared to other natural life asylums in Karnataka, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary was before a private chasing region for the British. 
Kabini In January
Today, it draws in voyagers from everywhere. It is an absolute necessity see for all nature sweethearts and those searching for an ideal excursion in the midst of the rich greenery and forcing cascades. 

Kabini has in store insights of different components of nature, be it a huge assortment in the manor, a bounty of untamed life extending from carnivores to well-evolved creatures to winged animals or the territory where each sort is a piece of and a compliment to the next.

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10. Ooty “Queen of the Nilgiris" 

The Blue Mountains have dependably been covered in otherworldliness, and Ooty is no special case to that. For each mountain darling, the specific thought of going to the city known as the Queen of the Hills holds a charm like no other. 

Once viewed as the mid-year home office of the East India Company (and for a valid justification), Ooty, otherwise called Udagamandalam, is a slope station in Tamil Nadu which fills in as an exceptionally prominent vacationer goal for anybody searching for a pleasant place to unwind and loosen up. 
Ooty In January
Ooty is settled in the midst of the Nilgiri slopes at an elevation of 2,240 meters above ocean level and appreciates a good atmosphere lasting through the year. 

Ooty is an extremely prevalent goal for couples and honeymooners, and there's no better method to completely take in all that this city brings to the table than to travel on the Toy Train, which gives you a chance to appreciate all-encompassing perspectives of this excellent slope station appropriate from your seat. 

The entire city is tinged with excellent tones of green, with desert springs of shimmering blue cascades springing up all over.

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11. Diu "A small-scale Goa" 

Situated close to the port of Veraval, Diu is a little island which was before a Portuguese state and is currently monitored by shorelines all around. 

Diu takes up most popularity given by the adequate number of shorelines, alongside Gujarat's southern drift, for example, the Nagoa shoreline has significantly more to offer as well. Liquor is lawful in Diu. 
Diu In January
The Diu Fort, an essential engraving of the Portuguese on the territory's legacy and engineering makes up a well-known vacation spot. 

Another fascinating spot is the Vanakbara, a little-attracted town whose beguile has tints of beautiful angling pontoons and murmuring of everyday action. 

This ideal extra to a visit to Gujarat will finish your involvement with intriguing exhibition halls, for example, the Sea Shell Museum, sanctuaries and houses of worship.

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12. Pondicherry "The French Riviera of the East" 

Pondicherry, otherwise called Puducherry and regularly suggested as just Pondy, is one of the seven Union Territories of India. is frequently known as the French Riviera of the East, and it is without a doubt a standout amongst the most enchanting and hypnotizing spots to visit in South India. 
Pondicherry  In January
A previous French province, Pondicherry has held the majority of its old-world French charms, and regardless of being miles from France, acclaimed for its brilliantly painted houses with bougainvillea loaded dividers, substantial avenues, boulevards and street signs flaunting French names, gothic holy places, and pioneer structures, quiet backwaters and flawless shorelines, finished with bona fide French food, Pondicherry has a great deal to offer.

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13. Elephanta Caves, Maharashtra 

11 km towards the north of Apollo Bandar, Mumbai is arranged the Elephanta Caves. It is a World Heritage Site under UNESCO. 

The Caves are arranged on Elephanta Island, which is prevalently known as the Island of Gharapuri. Our Suggested schedule for this 1 Day Mumbai City and Elephanta Caves Tour. 
Elephanta Caves, Maharashtra
The Caves show the carvings of Lord Shiva, mixed with the common habitat. A statue of Lord Shiva of 7 meters with three countenances is situated at the passageway of the principal surrender. The manifestations of Lord Shiva as a maker, preserver and destroyer are spoken to through the statue.

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14. Varanasi 

Varanasi is one of the oldest holy cities of India. It is one of the real pilgrimage towns, which is visited by swarms of fans all-round the year. It is believed that a drive in the sacrosanct River Ganges washes each transgression. The Hindus visit the ghats of Varanasi to perform ceremonies identified with death and birth. 
Varanasi  In January
One of the real attractions of Varanasi is the night arti, which is performed by a gathering of clerics at the DashashwamedhGhat. The perfectly arranged execution is a treat to watch in the nighttimes. 

Surely understood Indian writers and holy people, for example, Kabir and Tulsidas hail from the city of Varanasi. You can stroll down the tight twisting paths of the city or sit on the ghats to watch the neighborhood life of the city. 

The long stretch of January is the best time to visit Varanasi, extreme it very well may be visited consistently.

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15. Phawngpui, Mizoram 

One of the lesser realized sky on earth, in Indian land, is Phawngpui. It is situated at an elevation of around 2150 min Mizoram. 

It is otherwise called the Blue Mountain. Phawngpui is highly esteemed by local people for its neighborhood stories and old stories of shielding 'Sangau'- a nearby divinity. 
Phawngpui  In January
Phawngpui is one of the well-known places of interest advanced with fascinating widely varied vegetation. 

Rhododendrons and assortment of orchids can be seen be there. Special and endangered creatures, for example, Asiatic mountain bear, gorals, panther feline, stump-followed macaque, topped langur are found in this district. 

One can likewise get the perspective of bright-plumed sunbirds taking off in the sky. Get set and go for trekking at Phawngpui in the long stretch of January to investigate the superb scene and characteristic excellence taking care of business.

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16. Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 

The sublime town of Jammu and Kashmir is a paradise for the experience searchers and heaven for nature darlings. 

The town is arranged in the Pirpanjal Range of Western Himalayas and is famously known as the "heartland of winter sports in India" and is appraised as Asia's seventh best ski goal. 
Gulmarg additionally takes incredible pride in owning Asia's biggest and world's second biggest link vehicle venture called Gulmarg Gondola, associating Gulmarg with Aparwath Mountains from where one can ski down on a long snow trail.

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17. Kalimpong, West Bengal 

One of the frequented places in India amid winter is Kalimpong, situated in West Bengal. The wonderful perspective of Teesta waterway valley is a treat for the individuals who wish to escape from the populated city life and its contamination. 

The Galinka and Crockery cottages with the pioneering design worked amid the British time frame, you have another choice of the settlement known as the Morgan House. 
Kalimpong In January
Get the entrancing perspective of snow cladded mountains, in the cold and chilly month of January, which is extremely admirable. You can likewise travel to adjacent spots like Gangtok and Darjeeling.

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18. Chilika Lake, Odisha 

In the event that you are extremely anticipating getaway the chills of North, Chilika Lake in Odisha is an ideal goal. Its bitter water tidal pond isn't just biggest in Asia yet additionally acclaimed by visitor everywhere throughout the world. 
Chilika Lake In January
Chilika offers you with its unbelievable authentic foundation and topographical investigations. Home of numerous islands, Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island holds an uncommon fascination among the voyagers. It offers you with a wide scope of vegetation and its one of the two tidal ponds on the planet where Dolphins can be seen.

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19. Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett is the first and the most seasoned national park in India and started the First Tiger Project in India for the insurance of diminishing number of Tigers. 

Separated Tigers it is the home of assortments of 110 trees species, 25, reptile species, 50 well-evolved creature species,580 fowl species, it is the inhabitant of some threatened species like Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephants, Leopards, Wild Boar and so forth.
Kosi stream moves through Jim Corbett which gives you beautiful mastery as well as an extraordinary site for outdoors and campfire and on the off chance that you will be sufficiently fortunate, you will have the capacity to make proper familiarity with the Tigers coming there to drink water.

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20. Agra, Delhi

Amid the period of February, one can likewise visit the city of Mughals, Agra. Agra is one of the real urban communities thronged by various guests consistently. It was at one time the capital of the Mughals and has numerous magnificent building structures. 
Agra In January
Prevalent for one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, the city helps the travel industry in India. February will be an ideal time to visit Agra, as one can be a piece of Taj Mahotsav that happens in the long stretch of February. This multi-day celebration of music and move, workmanship and specialties and cooking styles will make your outing significant.

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