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Which is the Best Place To Celebrate Christmas in India?

25 December, it’s Christmas Eve! That time of the year when all people came together and thanks to each other and celebrate a bit differently from western variations. All people gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Like Diwali Christmas is the season of lights and colors, of giving and receiving, of thanking each other, cakes, angles and Santa.
Best Place To Celebrate Christmas in India
We know all know Christmas is festive of a western country so we can’t bit their celebration but we in India do it all in our way. So celebrate the holiday season by experience Christmas celebration in  India and other places.

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Here is the list of 7 Places To Celebrate Christmas in India.

1. Goa

Goa is known for white sand beaches but not in beaches but the real beauty of Goa seen in Christmas is unique or Christmas celebration in India. As of your knowledge, most beautiful churches in India are in Goa. At the festive time, churches in Goa are adorned with vibrant lights and flowers and masses sing Christmas carols overnight. Around the Christmas time, Goa looks more glamorous due to firework shows, crib making and star- making competition.
goa christmas india
Goa celebrate Christmas
The parties at Baga, Candolim, and Anjuna beach through the night making it a perfect mix of tradition and fun for all visitors.Every year at the beach site Goa people organized the Christmas Eve dance for all of us.

Best places in Goa to celebrate Christmas- old Goa, Anjuna and Vagator beach, Mandovi River cruise and club parties.

2. Kerala

Christmas in Kerala is surely not like as the other places around the country. Imagine celebrating Christmas in breathtaking hills station, beautiful lagoons, coconut trees, and meandering rivers. At the time of Christmas the church in Kerala beautifully decorated with lights and stars.  When you look around then you will find paradise on the earth. The most happening Cochin carnival that continues for 10 days that will surely leave you amazed.
kerala christmas india
Kerala celebrate Christmas

Shillong, the name itself gives the feeling of the western country and known as Scotland of east. Even the traditional dress of localities is quite similar to that of Scottish. During the Christmas time, Shillong is decor with bright colors and you will enjoy aloud cheerful “Merry Christmas” through the night.
shillong christmas india
Shillong is full of activities like people, food stalls, games and many more. When you look around you will see the electric and inviting atmosphere with a masses carol singing and heartwarming hospitality.

4. Pondicherry

Pondicherry also was known as the Puducherry is the French settlement colony in India. It is the most charming and mesmerizing place to visit in southeast India. Generally, the town is full of with church and coconut tree and beaches. 
puducherry christmas india
Pondicherry Christmas celebration
At the time of Christmas the localities decor the church with lights, stars and flowers and the whole town sings the Christmas carols in loud at the late night. That voice touches the heart in night the with shores of the sea. The overnights parties in town attract the peoples to see the glory of Pondicherry.

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5. Bombay 

Mumbai is the most hustle city in India. Other than festive season it looks like everyone is toing and froing around the city but at the time of Christ Mumbai is full of with events like old Wild West, carouse, high tide, dome and many more to go. to make a Christmas more joyful add the festive there are parties, shopping, carnivals, special market and music festivals are organized in the city.
Bombay Christmas celebration
6. Bangalore

Bangalore is especially known for the alluring Christian legacy. It has a number of beautiful churches especially with great artictiture in the centre of the town. At the time of Christmas, a month ago the church decor with vibrant lights stars and flowers. The bakery shop in Bangalore seems delicious at time Christmas. 
Bangalore christmas celebration

When it comes to celebrating Christmas in the south than it always brings something special and always leave you in the joyous of mood. The fact the number of Christiane is more in the south as compared to other parts of the country so, people in south had a big celebration on Christmas. 

The Chennai prominently known for its churches and the church Velankanni attracts more than six hundred visitors everywhere at the time of Christmas. The mall starts to decor with lights and a Christmas tree.  During Christmas, the beaches in Chennai also hosts a number elegant parties with the shore of a sea.
christmas celebration in south india
Chennai christmas celebration
If you want to experience the Christmas of different laces than pack your bags and plans your trip around the Christmas Eve. I surely know that it will be a great experience to see the Christmas celebration according to a state because in India all of had their own ways to celebrate the festival.

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Christmas in India is more like tradition with fun. If you are the person who wants to enjoy Christmas with a snowman and cold breeze than go for Manali and Shimla this places too look great at the time of Christmas. During the Christmas people in Manali décor, the Christmas tree in ice and made snow man decorated it with cap and lights. Go and have fun!

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